Origins of The Frostarian UnionEdit

In the early 21st Century, chaos ensued when the United States of America gained complete financial and political control of Earth - stealing resources from all surrounding countries with substandard and immoral business practices. This ultimately lead to worldwide rebellion causing civil anarchy on an International scale, ending only when the inhabitants of Earth completely destroyed their society. Famine, poverty and deathtolls in the millions were the conclusion of this bloody war deemed the "99/1 war"; named due to how the rebels outnumbered the loyalists to the US government so expansively.

The survivors of Earth began reconstruction by using false hope of their religions as a motivator, thus beginning a second dark age on Earth - all scientific research, artwork, propaganda or journalism that contradicted the doctrine was censored and banned.

As a result of the doctrine and the overwhelming force protecting the new world order, the world's greatest minds collaborated on a top secret project to create something known as the Frostside Liberation Colony on a small uncharted island of the coast of Sweden. It was here that the Sparrow Corporation formed and experiments on Human Augmentation began. The original Frostarian people were artificially created with this research.

However, not all went to plan. The United States caught wind of the Frostside Liberation Colony's plans and due to their acts of "treason", the United Nations made the decision to launch multiple nuclear weapons on Sweden to destroy the resistance. The Frostside Liberation Colony was prepared for this eventuality however and evacuated into space with the remainders of it's research that they could bring with them.

A three year famine resulted to each Scientist onboard the spacecraft due to a lack of supplies and many died of malnutrition of lack of nourishment, ultimately halving the numbers of Frostside Liberation Colony onboard. As all hope was lost onboard, a new hope was found. A planet in a different solar system known as Novus Spes - named as "Frostaria" by the crew onboard the ship.

Using the remainders of their technology and research, the surviving scientists rebuilt a society on Frostaria - creating the Sparrow Corporation and the Frostarian Union in the process.