Spectrum was a systematic operating system created by ColourTheory, rulzalot, Unclear and (partially) cjsaurusrex. It was first introduced in the massively-played fortress of the Roblox Assault Team, Fort Borealis, and was released by cjsaurusrex to the general public as "Spectrum Lite".

Within Fort Borealis, it contained some of the first types of technology introduced to the clan world, these include:

  • A shooting animation system, alongside its own reload animation (unique for each gun!).
  • A chat gui (graphical user interface) displaying full ranks of the speaker.
  • Data persisting levels and aurem (used to purchase more weaponry).

However, in the fall of Spectrum and the creation of 8G, many seemed to dislike it more and more, ranging from its alluring opening.

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